Saturday, March 21, 2009

I know I'm well over a month late, but our computer is finally working that i can post these! I came home from work and this is what i found! it was my valentine's day present! beautiful flowers and the chandelier! we used to have this old gross ceiling fan over our dining room table, Austin installed this fancy new one for me & surprised me when i got home! Best present, stuff done around the house :) he's the best!

And this was Austin's Valentine... well not really. When we filed our taxes and found out how much our return would be Austin started thinking of what he could spend that money on... he saw this TV at costco... and if you know austin, you know how if he sets his mind on something... there is NO way talking him out of it. So as my present to him, i just gave him permission to go buy it.
He was so happy at costco! when he is happy, i am happy.

It was so much work to hang a 55' TV on our wall, we have cinderblock walls (our house was built in the 50's) so we had to drill huge holes to put the mount on. All night we listened really close if it was going to fall down, thank goodness it didn't.

It is lots of fun to watch movies on. Austin sure is spoiled.


cort said...

spoiled is an understatement. Doesn't sound very fair to me

Blake & Mandi said...

wow nice! your bigscreen is 5 inches bigger than ours! blake would be jealous!! hey so we should do a girls night soon!! would you maybe wanna go get pedis?