Wednesday, March 25, 2009


That's right, we got a pergola! I honestly didn't know that is what they were called until this weekend when we purchased one for our backyard.

I think it was a 3 man job to put it together.. but me & Auz tried to do it all ourselves. We put it up Saturday evening, that's when the wind started to blow. It fell over like 7 times before we finally figured out how Austin could to hurry and assemble it while i stood on a chair holding it from falling over. We finally got the hard part done right when some friends came over and helped.

It looks really nice with our patio set and fits perfect on our cement pad. We also got this cute chandelier that hangs from the middle.. oh so romantic!

Now only if it would warm back up so we could go outside!

Who's ready to come over for a BBQ? Austin is AMAZING at grilling! One of the million reasons i love him


Blake & Mandi said...

If you would just invitie us we'd come, hands down!

Britanee and Brian Walker said...

i love those! very jealous-such a cute chandelier!!

Kelsey said...

haha. Our neighbors got this EXACT pergola and we have heard it fall down 2 or 3 times since they set it up. I love it though! So cool! I wish we could come over!

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

were down like always! thats so cool! wish I had a big backyard to have one in!