Monday, January 26, 2009

having a baby

We could be having a baby right now! We have been married 9 months today! Time really flies by when you are having fun. The past 9 months have been the best time of my life! I am not pregnant by the way...
I couldn't ask for a better a husband! The past 2 weeks have been really emotionally hard for me, my dad has made some really stupid choices that has hurt my family. I have cried almost every night, the hardest part is trying to not be extremely angry at my dad. Austin has been the best support, I have fell even more in love with him going thru this trial and am soo greatful for the power of the priesthood he holds. Thanks for everything auz, you are my everything. I love you!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ken Garff Audi had a competition the day before Christmas, whoever came showing the most Christmas spirit would win a $300 R C Willey gift card, my friend Ruth has been wanting a couch for quite some time and winning would be perfect for her. I don't think i got any work done that day, I keep looking over at her laughing, she won hands down! a few people wore Christmas shirts and one salesman wore a Santa hat. It was so funny. She is such a good sport. Speaking of Ruth & my job... her last day will be Feb 6th, I'm really sad she is going, but really jealous too! She has been such a good friend, we talk thru our little cubicles all day long. But we have both wanted a new job for a long time. I just applied for the perfect job the other day, its with Orem City in accounting, it'd be 5 hours a day and I'd make as much as i do now! I need a change so bad, my current job is just draggin me down. This job sounds awesome, it's work I like to do and the pay is right. I really hope and pray I get it! Or even if its not that one, that I can find one soon before I drive Austin insane. Poor guy has to put up with me when I get home & I'm in my bad moods, he's such a good husband, he always takes such good care of me. Any way I really hope Ruth finds an awesome new job in Lehi! One that doesn't suck so bad! We decided we are going to do a 5K together in the summer! I am really excited to do it! I better start running!


This picture didn't turn out very well, of course my battery was dying Christmas morning so i didn't get many pictures and the ones i did get i had to take really fast before it shut down.
I was so excited to give Austin his present, I almost spilled the beans before I was so excited. I need to learn how to keep secrets better. I've been refusing to buy an xbox for months and months, so when i gave it to him it was a big surprise. Now I just need to learn how to get him to stop playing the xbox!

Darren, Celeste and their kids gave Marley a present! it was really cute. she even opened it herself! yummy dogie treats

Our first Christmas

I know I am late posting these, but better late then never right? We had such a fun Christmas! we spent the night at Austin's parents, the Parks have such fun traditions. I loved every minute of it, all my nieces and nephews are so darn cute! they did the nativity scene. So cute

Addy looked so cute pregnant!
This makes my stomach hurt laughing so hard! they put wigs on Weston & Susie, they looked sooo cute!

he was so proud! he was strutting his stuff!

Santa came to visit too! it was so fun to see the kids get so excited!

Some of the kids didn't like Santa though! ha ha it was so cute & sad at the same time, poor little guy.