Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ken Garff Audi had a competition the day before Christmas, whoever came showing the most Christmas spirit would win a $300 R C Willey gift card, my friend Ruth has been wanting a couch for quite some time and winning would be perfect for her. I don't think i got any work done that day, I keep looking over at her laughing, she won hands down! a few people wore Christmas shirts and one salesman wore a Santa hat. It was so funny. She is such a good sport. Speaking of Ruth & my job... her last day will be Feb 6th, I'm really sad she is going, but really jealous too! She has been such a good friend, we talk thru our little cubicles all day long. But we have both wanted a new job for a long time. I just applied for the perfect job the other day, its with Orem City in accounting, it'd be 5 hours a day and I'd make as much as i do now! I need a change so bad, my current job is just draggin me down. This job sounds awesome, it's work I like to do and the pay is right. I really hope and pray I get it! Or even if its not that one, that I can find one soon before I drive Austin insane. Poor guy has to put up with me when I get home & I'm in my bad moods, he's such a good husband, he always takes such good care of me. Any way I really hope Ruth finds an awesome new job in Lehi! One that doesn't suck so bad! We decided we are going to do a 5K together in the summer! I am really excited to do it! I better start running!

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