Sunday, April 26, 2009

one year!

We have been married one year today! it's crazy how fast it's went by, but BY FAR the best year of my life! As Ella would say "I'm glad Austin married you" I'm very glad you married me Auz. I love you so much! You're the best thing to ever happen to me and i can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you.

(Our photographer wasn't there when we came out the temple, so THANK YOU Cortney for being there to take these pictures!)

good news

My mom and dad went to a councilor this week. I really really hope and pray that things can start getting better. I'm really proud of them for going. I gotta keep being patient and see how it turns out.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


here's just a few random pictures from our Moab trip. It was a blast and we didn't even break anything! We went with Cortney and his fam. they are a cute little family. He took these awesome pictures.

here is our camp site. we camped the 2nd night there, the first night we couldn't find any open camping spots so we got a hotel. It rained really hard Saturday night but our tent kept us nice and dry so it turned out good. Our hotel was really nice too.

Moab is gorgeous. we like it

Cortney's jeep is the black one, it's pretty sweet. Austin's is the red jeep.. it's also pretty awesome. We love going out in it & it runs really well. double plus!

What a good looking guy. I think i'll keep him. :)

I'm not going to lie, there was a few places that Austin drove up/down that FREAKED me out. I had to get out and walk up