Friday, December 19, 2008

so typical..

this is pretty random but i thought i'd share, i just did a little quiz thing to see what character i'd be from Twillight...

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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yes, i'm the mom. I'm ALWAYS the mom. I have the "mom" job, i worry way more then i should and i remember being told--more then once--you're not my mom, leave me alone kinda thing when i was still in high school!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm so excited for Christmas this year, our first Christmas married! Austin is a good little decorator. Honestly, it kind of makes me frustrated, he's WAY better then I am! isn't it the wife that is supposed to be all crafty and make everything all cute? I just don't have that skill. He decorated our tree all by himself, he did awesome. He did the mantel too! all we have to get is some stockings to hang and it'll be all complete! Oh and some snow on the ground so we can use our fireplace!!

our baby

I know I'm way slow posting, better late then never though?

Marley was a pumpkin for Halloween. it was adorable

here she is helping my dad work, riding around in the dump truck. we had our "date night" on Monday, I always have so much fun with Auz, no matter what we do. Austin's new job gives him tons of free things, we got a gift certificate to Brick Oven, very yummy! we found this balloon there so Austin grabbed it and took it home to Marley, he tied it to her tail, it was hilarious. She didn't know what to do! it took like 2 minutes and she popped it. We also saw "Australia" on our date, it was actually really good! a bit long but still really good. I like old western like movies though. Austin is currently gone to Vernal to help his brother build his house, Marley is here with me to keep me company, I have lots of fun with her in the mornings, but by this time at night i'm about ready to pull my hair out! she is still a puppy and likes to push the line... if Austin was here she would be listening much better, but for me, not so much. We have worked really hard to teach her to stay on the tile and not to come on the carpet. When Austin is gone, I think she realizes i'm kind of on edge and she wants to be with me, especially if i'm on the carpet. I have a nice barrier of our kitchen chairs trying to keep her out of the front room. it still isn't helping much. She's adorable and very much worth it, just LOTS of work.

Moral of my story: life just flows MUCH easier if Austin is here!

girls night

it was a while ago, but here's a picture from girls night. its always random weird fun with those girls.

Austin's Deer

Warning...this might be a bit gross for some but here it is. Austin finally got a deer this year! An awesome one at that. he shot it with his bow at about 40 yards. its a 6x7 and very old, it had only one molar left.(you age a deer based on the condition of their teeth) Be so proud, i am letting him mount it and put it in our house! I am even going to eat deer meat!
He's such a good little hunter with that bow. I dont know how he can even pull the string back, i can't even budge it!