Saturday, December 6, 2008

Austin's Deer

Warning...this might be a bit gross for some but here it is. Austin finally got a deer this year! An awesome one at that. he shot it with his bow at about 40 yards. its a 6x7 and very old, it had only one molar left.(you age a deer based on the condition of their teeth) Be so proud, i am letting him mount it and put it in our house! I am even going to eat deer meat!
He's such a good little hunter with that bow. I dont know how he can even pull the string back, i can't even budge it!

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Tyrel and Meagan said...

I feel so retarded when Tyrel tries to get me to pull his bow back! I even tried his 12-year-old brothers...that was bad too! But when they pull it back for me so I can shoot it, it's lots of fun! And I am impressed with his deer! Enjoy eating it! I don't like it normally, but apparently it's one craving I get while I'm large with child!