Wednesday, August 27, 2008


my dislikes..

1. Garnishments!
2. Tax Levys!
3. when Austin doesn't text me back :(

salesmen need to pay their bills. and I miss austin, i want to talk to him!! I'm starting to freak out that he's hurt or something.

I need to go play with my puppy & clean my house. that'll make me feel better :) oh and talk to Austin ;)
some days I just need to vent.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our puppy..

Marley is so stinking cute, I can't get enough of her. She adores Austin, so when we are driving in the car she has to be on his lap. She was so tired the other night from playing at the golf course all day that she had to rest her head in the steering wheel. I took the picture with the cell phone so it might not be the best quality. She is so cute.
Speaking of cute, my husband is amazing. He takes such good care of me, even when it's 3:45 in the morning & I've got a killer migraine. I'm so lucky to have such a perfect hubby & life! I love him :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Austin saved the day and got my pictures off the camera to the computer! here's an update on what we've been up to lately!

we got to drive a Viper from my work, it was loads of fun & super fast!

Auz looked so good in it :)

Once a year Hill Air Force base has a family day--since now I'm offical family I got to go :) We went to the museum, I learned lots the 4 hours we were there

Last Wednesday we got a puppy! her name is Marley & oh so cute! She sleeps in really funny positions & adores Austin. On the way home with her, she'd sit on my lap for just a little bit, get all fussy then go to Auz and be perfectly content. She listens to everything he says and gets to go to work with him all day. She's lots of work but very much worth it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

first day here..

I finally got talked into doing a blog & I was really excited to post some of the fun pictures Auz & I have taken lately. I was headed to work so I made sure I had my camera & cord so I could pull the pictures off the camera. I get all the way to work, pull up the website & then I figure out I have the wrong cord. it fits into my phone not my camera. so this first one won't have any very recent pictures. maybe next time.

Tonight Auz & I get to take my grandpa's old car to a car show, if you guys are in PG by the pool you should come visit. this is the picture from my wedding. i love it