Wednesday, August 27, 2008


my dislikes..

1. Garnishments!
2. Tax Levys!
3. when Austin doesn't text me back :(

salesmen need to pay their bills. and I miss austin, i want to talk to him!! I'm starting to freak out that he's hurt or something.

I need to go play with my puppy & clean my house. that'll make me feel better :) oh and talk to Austin ;)
some days I just need to vent.


Erin said...

dont worry, i'm feeling your pain of him not texting back. i know where adam is and i know what he's doing. he's at home messing around on the computer and watching tv, but still isn't texting. i can't relate to the other two, sorry. don't worry, austin is fine. i can feel it in my bones. also, you're getting your hair done. that is nice. this comment is long so i'm going to end it. love your guts.

Blake & Mandi said...

If it makes you feel better blake is going outta town for 2 WEEKS!!!! I'm gonna be alone for 2 weeks :( well.. except weekends.. but still i hate being alone.. we should play so im not so lonely :)