Wednesday, August 13, 2008

first day here..

I finally got talked into doing a blog & I was really excited to post some of the fun pictures Auz & I have taken lately. I was headed to work so I made sure I had my camera & cord so I could pull the pictures off the camera. I get all the way to work, pull up the website & then I figure out I have the wrong cord. it fits into my phone not my camera. so this first one won't have any very recent pictures. maybe next time.

Tonight Auz & I get to take my grandpa's old car to a car show, if you guys are in PG by the pool you should come visit. this is the picture from my wedding. i love it


Erin said...

yay!! welcome to blog world :)

Blake & Mandi said...

yay! your a blogger too now!! woot woot!