Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random thoughts

Here's what is running through my head at the moment...

-cow tails are fantastic--thanks for getting us some mom!

-last night i had this crazy dream i had a little baby boy. He was adorable to me but he was kind of ugly because he was just born. it was strange. maybe its a sign I'm prego... or that Ruth is prego!!

-Erin inspired me to get lots done around the house, last night i got all my grocery shopping done! i made a list of some meals & got everything for it. i LOVE having lots of food at home. I cleaned out my fridge, put all the groceries away and cleaned the kitchen! (all but mopping the floor) I love having a clean house!

-we also went to Costco & got fresh flowers, we are going to try to get fresh flowers every month, it makes the house feel so fresh and springy!

- i heard that if you put apple cider vinegar in your flower water it will
help keep them fresh. I bought some last night but it rolled out the car
on to the cement & broke. i ran inside and put what i could save into
another bottle, but while i was doing that i got it on my Hydra Coach-it's a sweet water bottle Austin got me that keeps track of
how much i drink so i don't get migraines! anyway, even though i washed my bottle i can still smell the vinegar on it when i drink. it makes me want to throw up.
-i had such a fun weekend with my hubby! we cleaned so good--we got rid of all our old stuff & the boxes they were in! Austin has lived there a year and I've lived there 10 months but we still had boxes of stuff! it's like we are officially moved in now! ha ha! we love our house though! I especially love it when its all clean :) We also took Marley up to Rock Canyon... she LOVED it and we love hiking.. when we were coming down we heard this really loud sound, looked up and there was some guys cliff jumping, it was the parachute opening, they landed right next to us--in the trees. Marley was spazzing out, it was hilarious--she could see the people in the air but couldn't figure out what they were doing, plus they were so close to us she didn't know what to do with herself. it was a pretty exciting hike.
-stuffing paycheck stubs in envelopes is probably my least favorite part of my job. i have like 6 paper cuts already. ouch!
-i have a few pictures to blog about but i put them on austin's computer... his cord died and eventually the laptop died too. we have a new cord ordered but its not here yet. as soon as it is i will post my pictures.


Ruth and Nate said...

That sounds like such a great weekend!! I'm pretty sure it's your crazy dreams and so your probably pregnant!!! ha ha not me:)

Blake & Mandi said...

or maybe its a sign that im preggo too!!?? haha jk.. but maybe...
;) you sound so happy and that makes me happy! i've been so stressed out lately.. so i think we should have a girls night.. that would probably help.