Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I haven't posted in a while... so here's a few updates

We found that our water line had broke on Saturday. We shut off all the water for a couple hours while we tried to find where it was leaking from. and just those few hours, I missed being able to wash my hands! I never realized how much I use water every day until it was taken away. It was hard knowing i only had ONE time to flush the toilet and we didn't know how long until the water was back on. We found the leak but didn't know what to do from there... so we had to call my dad. He's the only one we knew that works on that kind of stuff. It was pretty awkward but I'm very grateful he was so willing to come help. He made a makeshift thing so we had water for the rest of the weekend and he came back all day Monday and Tuesday while we were at work and finished fixing everything. It ended up have 2 leaks but it should all be fixed now. You'd think we would have noticed we had a huge leak by our water bill... but we didn't. its automatic payment so i didnt pay attention to it. We looked it up, it must have started in August and we used about 80,000 gallons of water EACH month since. We have 2 large mounds of dirt in our front yard where my dad filled the holes back in. we just have to fix that and our water leak disaster should be all taken care of.

Other things that have been going on with us...Austin and I have both signed up for classes at UVU. it's took forever but hopefully we have all the paper work in that we need to enroll and for financial aid. I forgot how much time it took to do all those little things and how frustrating it can be. Austin signed up for a class with Kurt which should be really fun for him. The teacher is supposed to love showing the History channel and bringing in his guns to class. He should get along with Auz just fine! I signed up for an accounting class, i'm pretty excited. I need to work up the nerve to ask my boss if they do any kind of tuition reimbursement because i'm taking classes related to my job. My boss is pretty scary! Always very..professional, just very intimidating. I need to sign up for another class but I can't decide which one. I need to take Ethics & Values but I honestly have no idea what that class is about. I tried to sign up for the next math class I need to take but its BARELY been too long, i have to test again! I can't decide what to do! If we would have signed up for this Fall semester, i would have been fine. OH WELL.

I get my wisdom teeth taken out Thursday... random story to go along with that: I got a call from the anesthesiologist (did I spell that right?) today, he left me a voice mail saying "This is so & so, I'll be your anesthesiologist on Thursday, i just wanted to call and see if you had any questions and let you know what will be going on, will you please call me back at this number... and oh if i answer so & so mortuary don't be alarmed. Me and my wife also work for a Mortuary."
KIND OF CREEPY!!! he is an anesthesiologist and works for a mortuary! :S weird. After talking to him i felt better, he's done anesthesiology for over 45 years and talked very highly of my doctor/dentist. I hope all goes well! i am pretty nervous


Britanee and Brian Walker said...

good luck with your wisdom teeth! hope it's not anything like erin's experience. good luck with school also!

The Bybees said...

It really is a good idea to post on both. A lot easier...maybe?

Shiloh said...

Ya you are going back to school! I am so jealous... wish I was going back to school. Yes she is crazy intimidating. Good luck with talking to her. It was weird when I told her everything that was going on with my baby... she seemed human. She even asked me once how I was doing!