Monday, March 30, 2009

the worst part is

feeling a migraine coming and no matter what you do, you can't make it stop.

I woke up Saturday with a headache, one of those kind that you get right before a migraine hits, then my thumb and pointer finger went numb. It felt like how your face feels after you've been to the dentist, completely numb and tingly. I knew it was coming fast.

I took some pills & Austin hurried and made me breakfast, if i waited even 5 minutes longer i would have been too nauseated to eat. Then it hit; I laid on the couch as Austin rubbed my head, trying to make me feel better. I couldn't move. If i did my head would throb and then i felt like i would puke. It was not fun at all.

I got out of bed at like 3 o'clock, Austin had worked so hard getting stuff around the house done. He is so good. He even took me to walmart around midnight and bought me Twillight and junk food, we stayed up til 2 in the morning watching it. I am going to keep him :)

I woke up today with that same headache again, not so fun.


karla said...

ugh thats the worst!! I've been getting alot of migranes lately.. i hope its nothing serious.. I puked the other day it was so bad! Have you tried Mtn Dew? sometimes when i feel one coming on i drink one and it helps, even tho i really hate mtn dew.. its better than i migrane! let me know if you need anything!! I can always bring you soup or something :)

Blake & Mandi said...

ok im so sorry.. my friend karla was checking her blog on my computer and i forgot it was still signed into her name.. so that whole thing under karla was from me :) sorry for the confusion.. i didnt know how to delete it!

Kelsey said...

Oh man! That sounds awful. I hope that you don't get them very often. I've never had a migraine so I don't know but that sounds so terrible. Austin better be taking care of you!! I'm so sorry.

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

Aj can relate to this one! Im sorry! austin is so cute! you guys are adorable! now I found your blog so now I can stalk you! jk