Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vegas trip!!

This last weekend we went to Vegas with our friends Clint & Jenny, it was so nice to get away! it was even fun driving there!

About half way to St. George there is this hot spring in a town called Meadow, my dad knows about every hot spring this side of the United States & loves going so I've been to it a few times. Jenny was freaked out by it but Clint and Austin had a blast. They even put their swim suits on and jumped in.

*I am getting Austin some of those boots for Christmas, dang that's hot!! haha

The drive there was probably the best part for me, we had stopped in St. George at the new In & Out burger and started on our way again, Clint fell asleep in the car & was snoring pretty loud so I told Jenny to put some salt in his mouth, I honestly didn't think she would but oh no she did. Good thing In & Out gives little packets of salt with their fries! Some of the pictures are pretty bad because i was laughing so dang hard I couldn't hold the camera still to take the picture!!

I did get more pictures but I dont have time right now to put them up! I'll try to do that tomorrow!

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