Monday, September 1, 2008

it was my b-day!

So it was my birthday on Thursday, even though Austin was gone it was a pretty good day! When I got to work that morning my co-workers had decorated/thrashed my cubical. there was so much confetti on my desk I kept finding it all over.

my mommy took very good care of me while Auz was gone. She made dinner and cake for the family that night. She got me 21 roses! they are so pretty! I need to bring them home!
My mom wasn't very happy with the cake but everyone else thought it looked very yummy! it was confetti kind--one of my favorites! she always makes the best cakes!
my mom knows me so well.. she & my dad gave me Taco Amigo gift certificates :) it's me & auz favorite place.
my mom & dad got me this sweet swiffer cleaner too. She knows how bad I hate mopping! our puppy can get my kitchen floor so dirty so fast!
my sister & Paul got me the twilight books! I can finally read the 4Th book now! I'm very excited. I already have book #3 so now i have them all. I talked my mom into reading them too :)
Oh and my grandma and grandpa got me this really cute porch swing! I've always wanted one! I forgot to take a picture of it though. Now we just need to build a patio so we can hang it somewhere!
So semi side story: Austin & his bosses left Tuesday afternoon to go hunting up in Vernal, they got to Heber & Cortney's suburban broke down! they have been waiting & planning this trip forever so instead of coming home Austin got to borrow his parents Yukon and was able to continue on their hunting trip. We didn't want Austin's mom to be car-less so we dropped the 4runner off. So i got to drive the jeep, it was lots of fun til I wanted to drive to my mom's house but had to bring the puppy! the jeep doesn't have the top on or the doors, and that little puppy doesn't understand that when she goes right to the edge of the jeep while we are driving it scares me half to death!! I put her leash on her and we made it safely but I am pretty sure i had at least 6 heart attacks. But best part of the week was Saturday afternoon (Austin was supposed to come home Sunday but I wasn't sure what time he was coming), I was at my moms & we were cleaning the jeep, just hanging out.
I got a text from Austin "Hi what ya doing?"
tori "just hanging out at my moms, what are you going?"
A-- "driving"
T-- "I miss you. What time are you coming home tomorrow?"
A-- "What I'm supposed to come home tomorrow? We are just getting started"
t--starting to fume "don't even mister"
A--"what if i don't come home tomorrow?"
t--"I'll cry, no bawl my eyes out. I miss you"
by this time I'm very upset, I'm so upset I have to take like 5 minutes and settle down before I could even tell my mom what he was saying... and it was taking FOREVER for him to text me back! then like 5 minutes after i get a text saying
"I'm just kidding honey, we came home today--come outside and get me!! i love you"
and then he pulled up to my moms house!! i was sooo happy!! he came home a day early! I loved it! I had missed him so much, and they had a pretty crappy hunting trip so they came home :) It feels so good to have him home! And Darren & Celeste had their little baby girl on my birthday too! She is such a cute little baby! Yay! it was a good birthday!


Erin said...

i'm so glad he came home early!! you have to tell me most of the details of what he does for you for your birthday ;)

Blake & Mandi said...

haha thats funny.. i didnt even notice til after i took all the time to change mine and the font colors and all that.. i'll have to see if i can find another one i really like

Blake & Mandi said...